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I teach traders how to create profitable trading strategies so they never have to line the pockets of another sleazy, Ferrari-driving trading guru again.

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Kind words from clients, subscribers, and fans

“Long-term success as a trader requires not only having an edge, but continually honing that edge. Dave has been a great resource to traders looking to sharpen their edge with tested strategies and improvements.” – Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D., Trading Psychologist

“I love that there’s no limits to topics we can work on, flexible schedule with emails and calls, your experience with trading and developing strategies can’t be replicated in a book or a YouTube video which makes it extremely valuable. The info on order types alone is something I’ve never found better advice about anywhere else.

Of course, having the CTO of the best scanner available combined with a real-life trader to help me is invaluable.” – Anonymous 7-figure trader

“Dave’s feedback has gotten me to a place where I am making constant progress on my trading, something I wasn’t able to do alone. That has been invaluable and I wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone looking to take their trading to another level.” – Finith J.

“Dave helped me optimize a strategy by finding which variables contribute most to my PnL and what the optimal values for those variables are. This information was required for figuring out which trades to size up on so that I can build additional conditions into my trading system for when those opportunities arise. He even found some losing trades that I eliminated altogether.” – Isaac A.

“Dave’s newsletter is fantastic. It’s challenging some of my ideas on trading and giving me some new ideas.” – Chris

“Just one week of reading and applying Dave’s free content about backtesting revealed all the holes I have in my trading. I can’t imagine the progress I’ll make when we start 1-on-1 coaching.” – Daniel Rodriguez