Trading Strategy Bootcamp

A free email course on how to create your own profitable trading strategy.

  • Do you want to make money in the stock market but don’t know where to start?
  • Have you tried trading stocks only to lose money?
  • Have you had some consistency with trading only to lose money in a drawdown?
  • Do you have small winning trades and large losing trades?
  • Have you tried a trading strategy that sounds good, only to find that it loses money?
  • Do you second guess yourself when making a trade or exiting a trade?
  • Have you exited trades only to find them soaring higher without you right afterward?
  • Do you find yourself buying the highs and selling the lows?
  • Do you skip trades only to see them take off without you?
  • Do you consistently take the losing trades and miss out on the profitable ones?
  • Do you take trades from a trading service only to find that they don’t work?

I’ve got news for you:

Your trading strategy isn’t the problem.

The problem is you don’t have a process for continuous trading improvement.

Becoming a profitable trader doesn’t come from reading books or following a magical trading strategy. It comes from creating a process for yourself to continuously learn and improve your trading.

The better your process, the better trader you’ll be. When you focus on your process, trading profits will come.

If you are still losing money in the market, you should take my free Trading Strategy Bootcamp course.

In the Trading Strategy Bootcamp course, you’ll learn:

  • Lesson 1: Choosing a Backtesting Platform
  • Lesson 2: Applying your Exit Orders
  • Lesson 3: Optimizing Your Trading Strategy
  • Lesson 4: Going from Backtest to Trading Live
  • Lesson 5: Measuring Your Trading Performance
  • Lesson 6: Creating Your Own Trading Edges