The #1 Technique for Systematizing Your Trading

Several readers had the same question after my email on systematizing your trading: where is the best place to start?

Everyone agrees that systematizing your trading is a great idea but it’s hard to know what things are worth streamlining.

If you’re still pointing and clicking to enter your trades, there are a slew of things you can do right away.

The easiest and most common things traders can do to start systematizing are:

  • Automatically calculating your position size (use a formula in Excel or Google Sheets)
  • Set up and start using hotkeys in your platform to enter orders (here is the documentation for TWS)
  • Configure strategies in Brokerage+ in Trade-Ideas (more here)
  • Use AutoHotKey to create keyboard shortcuts for common tasks (my personal favorite!)

Every trader’s routine is a little different, so the highest priority thing for you to systematize is going to vary widely.

So what’s the #1 way to determine what to start with?

Here’s an exercise I did for many weeks that opened my eyes to just how much more money I could make in my trades by systematizing.

Every day I would record my screen as I traded. After my trading day was complete, I’d save the file and then review it as par of my end of day review.

This was incredibly revealing.

Watching these videos was a window into everything I was doing wrong that I had no way of realizing during the trading day in real time.

All of a sudden every day I had multiple insights into very tangible things I could do to get better.

Ways to tweak my layout.

Tasks that took longer than I realized.

Inefficiencies that added up to just barely missing profitable trades.

Looking over your own shoulder as a neutral observer allows you to see and understand things that you don’t even realize as you trade – things that translate into real profits that you’re leaving on the table.

Here’s a challenge for you.

Do this for a month.

Pick just one thing a day to streamline.

Systematize it.

Repeat each day.

After a month I guarantee that you’ll be a completely different trader than you are today.

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