What Re-Reading Great Fiction Can Teach You About Trading

My wife, Joan (who’s well-known enough to have a Wikipedia page), is re-reading some of her favorite fiction books with our daughter, who is developing a taste for great literature.

Joan has always loved great fiction to her core. Everything else is a distant second (including me, pretty sure!)

So she’s thrilled that our math-loving daughter has taken up this interest they can share.

Joan’s absolute favorite book is Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger, one she consistently recommends.

I’ve read it once and I agree it’s excellent.

It’s been several years since she’s read it, but she’s rereading it now as my daughter is reading it for the first time.

Joan has read this book many, many times.

So many times you would think she knows the book inside and out.

And yet, as she’s reading it now for the umpteenth time, she noticed an incredible detail she’d overlooked every time before.

She excitedly told me this is now her favorite detail in the entire book.

A brand new discovery in her favorite book she’s read countless times.

(If you’re interested in the details, hit reply and I’ll share.)

What does this have to do with trading?

The same aha moment of discovery can happen when you look at a familiar strategy with fresh eyes.

I recently took a deep dive into one of the trading strategies I’ve traded daily for almost a decade – something I’ve done many times before.

But this time I found something I hadn’t noticed before.

A new feature that has predictive power that I can apply to make the strategy better.

These seemingly random breakthroughs can happen at any time, as long as you regularly put yourself in a position to notice them.

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